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TradExpert Team is a professional translators-interpreters company that offers translation, interpretation, transcription, note-taking, and training in foreign languages, national languages, and computers. We also outsource human resources management.

  • TradExpert Team aims to accompany clients in their international development. Over the years, TradExpert Team has worked with leading organizations in the DR Congo.
  • As each project is unique, and each translation project requires research, TradExpert Team offers clients a tailor-made solution that meets their technical and budgetary requirements while respecting quality and deadlines.
  • In a context where technologies are evolving, and user expectations are increasingly high, TradExpert Team positions itself as an expert with the desire to always offer the best service to customers, taking into account the Congolese context. Good work is an echo. An echo is the best marketing!

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We know how to buy time! We are responsive ! Once the client accepts, we start to work.


Our team is made up of professionals, specialized in translation and interpretation or similar disciplines. Their experience in the translation industry goes beyond 10 years.

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We provide services to companies, international organizations, travel and tourism agencies. They are all satisfied.


We are not afraid of urgent work! We know how to deliver at pace. We have a team that overcomes all difficulties for the highest customer satisfaction.

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Eloge Mulumba

Translator & EFL Teacher

Knowing English today is essential. That's why we have modern and professional teaching approches.

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Web Designer

Your satisfaction is our first priority!

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Web Designer

Digital is an essential tool in the critical world of tech. What, where, when, and how? We offer you the best in the industry.

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