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Who are we ?

TradExpert Team is a professional translators-interpreters company that offers translation, interpretation, transcription, note-taking, and training in foreign languages, national languages, computers and many more.

  • TradExpert Team aims to go together with clients in their international development. Over the years, TradExpert Team has performed for the leading companies and Corporates in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • As each project is unique, and each translation project requires research and focus, TradExpert Team offers clients a tailored solution that meets their technical and budgetary requirements while complying with quality and deadlines.
  • In a context where technologies are evolving and where user expectations are increasingly high, TradExpert Team positions itself as an expert with the desire to always offer the best service to customers, considering the Congolese context. Good work is an echo. An echo is the best marketing!

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What they say about us


WWF-DRC Logistics Manager

We worked with non-experts whose work was not of a high standard and discovered TradExpert Team, which provided us with quality translations for all our binding documents at pace. TradExpert Team brought us tremendous help at WWF DRC.

Mvwala C. Katshinga

Bible Translation Consultant,
University lecturer and researcher

TradExpert Team is a language business model in the Democratic Republic of Congo that is part of technological and communicational innovation, multimedia, and multilingual.

Juillson Kavakerwa

PADS Coordinator, DRC

If you are looking for an interpreting service for your international conference, you can rely on TradExpert team. The quality of the TradExpert Team's service at international conferences with our partners has always exceeded our expectations.

Anne-Marie Boloko

Veterinary & Livestock Technician

I rely on TradExpert Team for documents translation. They are professional and I am always satisfied.


Stylist & Fashion Designer

I can always rely on TradExpert Team's availability, even for express projects. We always receive our translations on time, allowing us to compete in the market.

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